Welcome to the Region VI and the Kentucky State Command Council of The National Association for Black Veterans (NABVETS). We are happy that you have taken the time to visit our site. We hope that you will find the information that you are looking for, that will help "Create a more positive lifestyle", for you or any other veteran you may know. Click on the star above and bookmark the site and then share our site with any and all veterans.

Our hope is to serve those that have served, help those that have helped and honor those that have served this country with honor. We look to educate young people by sharing the life experiences that we have lived and above all create a more positive lifestyle for all veterans. As you take a tour of the site we hope that you will find information that is informative, interesting, and beneficial to you and other veterans that you may come in contact with. Pass it along to help others as we all work to keep this nation a wonderful free place to live.

Greenwood Clean Up

What a day we had for our first day of the Greenwood clean up. It was engerized and it was exciting to have so many people turn out to lend a hand and do some wonderful work in cleaning up Greenwood Cemetery.

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Veterans Day Weekend with NABVETS

It was engerized. It was festive it was cold. But so many came out to enjoy and particepate in the 2018 Veterans Parade held in downtown Louisville, Ky.

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Franciscan Healthcare Visit

What a great time was had at the Fransican Healtcare Center, as the members of NABVETS Chapter #56 visited the veterans there to celebrate Veterans day. Just a few images of those that were honored during the event.

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Vets Speak on WLOU:

Join us every Monday at 12 noon on AM Channel 1350 or FM Channel 104.7 for the Vets Speak radio program. D.J. TK and NABVETS members will be live and on air for the public. You are welcome to call in and speak about programs and points of interest to our veteran community and our community in general. Just dial 502.776.1350 to call in and ask you questions or add your suggestions and informaiton to the topic at hand. Make sure to set that dial and tune in each week.

Why I Joined . . . NABVETS

Here is just one example of a verterans experence and why he joined NABVETS. John Mustain is the Director of the Veterans Outreach Epilepsy Foundation of Kentuckiana and organizer of the Kentucky Veteran of the Year program.

It happened by pure chance. While attending the Kentucky State Fair with thousands of people in attendance, I noticed two ladies wearing black berets and a yellow, black, and white flash that read, "NABVETS: Positive Lifestyle For Veterans". Being that I am a veteran and was at the fair looking for veterans as part of my work at the Epilepsy Foundation of Kentuckiana, I was immediately interested in learning more about who they were and what they represented. . . . continue reading.

We are yesterday
We are tomorrow
We are earth
We are sky
We are all things
But most of all
We are proud men and women


On an ongoing basis, the National Association for Black Veterans, Inc. will provide strategic advocacy on behalf of its membership with Congress, the Federal Administration, State Administrations and other agencies and organizations. NABVETS will provide personal advocacy on behalf of veterans seeking claims against the United States Department of Veterans Affairs; advocacy for youth in all matters required for successful passage into adulthood; advocacy on behalf of families; with community involvement, provide advocacy in creating positive lifestyles for veterans; and to generate and preserve the historical record.


To be a professional organization that has, as its members, 50% of the total black veterans population nationally; an organization with State Departments and Command Councils located in every state and city with a population greater than 250,000; an organization that has an emphasis on younger veterans who are on active duty or who are recently separated veterans; an organization that offers its members a wide array of benefits and services; an organization that provides services to all veterans, but especially low income veterans; and an organization that is financially viable.

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