Kathleen Crush-Gray


Welcome to Kathleen's Corner. Kathleen is a member of NABVETS Chapter #56 in Louisville, KY. and is a certified claims filer for veterans. She is currently serving as the VSO- Voluntary Service Officer Representative and District Training Coordinator.

Veterans of the United States armed forces may be eligible for a broad range of benefits and services provided by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Some of these benefits may be utilized while still on active duty.

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The information given here is given freely, with the understanding that no guarantee is given either written or implied as to the validity of any claim filed by the veteran either real or imagined. If the veteran chooses to replay on any information given here from this organization the veteran will not hold this organization harmless now and in the future to any results either real or imagined by the veteran once the final judgment has been rendered by the adjudicating body involved.

The veteran must be prepared to answer the following 5 questions before filing a claim.

  1. WHO . . . . . Who am I to file a claim? Be prepared to give all of your contact information?
  2. WHAT . . . . . What is my claim about? What happened that I am filing a claim about? What records do you currently have in your possession?
  3. WHEN . . . . . When did you serve? When did the incident occur that I am filing a claim aobut? Dates of service, branch of service.
  4. WHERE . . . . . Be prepared to talk about where the incident happened that I am filing my claim about. Location, Location, Location. Have you been seen by a physician and where?
  5. WHY . . . . . The veteran has to be able to furnish all records and letters of support given to the veteran in support of his or her claim. These items are all time sensitive at all levels of submission. The veteran is solely responsible of for all date's times and records of service and records of discharge DD form 214.

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