Remember . . . She Served too.

"Shinig the Light on Women Veterans"

March has been set aside on the U.S. calendar as Women's History Month. Events are held throughout the month to honor women and the many contributions they have made.

We need to remember that not only have men given of themselves to protect this country, women have given of themselves as well to protect this country. Women have gone above and beyond in their efforts to serve this country. In the early times of this country, when it was at war for freedom, some women would disguise themselves as men, so they could fight alongside their fathers, brothers and husbands. Not only did women deal with the demands of just being a solider in the military, women have dealt with being treated unfairly by their counter parts and taken advantage by those that may out rank them. Women had to fight to gain respect and equal treatment from those they served for and with.

According some sites and stats, women make up roughly 15% of the military. There are millions of women that are veterans across this country. It would be great if we could honor each one of them, but many will not come forward and say that they served in the military.

NABVETS takes this time and to honor all those women that they can reach, "Thank you for your dedication, commitment and service to this country."

Giving honor

In memory of
Ms. Dorothy Hall

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