What does it mean when you say a veteran is
"Missing In Action"?

A lesser known definition of "Missing In Action" or MIA refers to veterans with complex social, mental, or physical challenges that make it difficult for them to fit into everyday society after their return home from military service.

Many returning veterans find it problematic when trying to continue the life that they had before joining the military. This situation may be due to educational limitations or a lack of knowledge about available benefits related to financial, housing or disability issues. In some cases, just having someone to talk with who speaks the language with which they have become familiar -- such as talking with another veteran -- could help to alleviate day-to-day stressors.

What types of benefits are available for veterans? Do you have in your possession the medals that you earned during your military service? Are you aware of all of the commendations that you received? What educational resources could you qualify for? Are there options for homeless veterans? What can you do if you cannot afford the healthcare that you need? Where can you go for help?

If you have asked yourself similar questions, the dedicated members of Kentucky NABVETS (National Association of Black Veterans) would like to meet and visit with you to share the types of available support and assistance that can help you create a more positive lifestyle. We want to help fill in the gaps that may be preventing you from constructively moving forward.

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