Putting women veterans first.

"Shinig the Light on Women Veterans"

March 1st & 2nd,2013

The 2013 Honorees
Thank you for your service!

Thank You!

In looking back over the weekend of March 1st & 2nd, "Shining the Light on Female Veterans", the only words that I could come up with are Thank You . With fire, inspiration and dedication from all those that took time from their schedules to share such powerful, interesting, and educational information I can only say WOW! and Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Thank you, to those first women who sacrificed many years ago, to serve in a military that did not want them to serve at all. Thank you, to the women that gave of themselves and gave up family to serve when the rules would not allow a woman to be a mother and a soldier at the same time. Thank you, to those women who have fought to change the way "grandpa's military" functioned, to make it everyone's military. Thank you to all the female veterans who gave of themselves to serve in the military through all the bad times, unfair times and hard times in peace and in war. Thank you, to all for coming out to "Shining the Light on Female Veterans" to share your experience, to give thanks to those that served before and during your service, to share knowledge on how things have changed and for the challenge to continue to take steps to make the playing field an equal playing field for men and women.

Thank you, Mrs. Eleanor Jordan - Kentucky Commission for Women's Equality, Col. Yvette Gentry - Louisville metro police Department and Brigadier General Kristin K. French for taking time out of your busy day on Friday March 1st 2013, to share with us so much knowledge. Mrs. Jordan, thank you for hard work and never give up spirit. Even after the program was over, I noticed that you never stopped working, sitting down to listen to others. Your words will continue to inspire and challenge us to do what is right not just for veterans, but for all women. Thank you, Col. Yvette Gentry for your support as both a veteran of the U.S. Army and an officer of the law, with the Louisville Metro Police Department. You being on the front lines in the community, allows young ladies to see that they can make it to the top with a little hard work and dedication to their goal. Now they know and can see that the way has been paved for them. Thank you, Brig. General French, for helping us understand that in today's Army there is no front line, but that all soldiers (women and men) are in this together. Thank you for letting us see that this is not "grandpa's Army" anymore. Thank you for opening eyes to see that no matter what the situation may be or how bad the conditions may seem, women are just as strong, intelligent and creative enough to make a way through it all.

Thank you, Lt. Col. Tina Gay Ridle - U.S. Army National Guard, Lt. Col Price - U.S. Army and Mrs. Linda Strite Murnane - Retired U.S. Army for giving of your time on Saturday March 2nd, 2013 and giving us a look at your view of female veterans and women in the military. Thank you, Tina Gay Ridle, for seeing a wrong and working to make it a right. Thank you for standing up for diversity in not only the fight between women and men, but also the fight in race, religion and lifestyle differences. If we just sit down and get to know others, we may all see that there is a common ground with us all. Thank you, Lt. Col. Price, for your service to this country. For following in the footsteps of the great women before you. Thank you for helping to make a difference and showing those that said that, "a woman could not", she really can do whatever she puts her mind to. Thank you, Mrs. Linda Strite Murnane, for pressing on through storms of life and never letting anyone say that you cannot do what you had set your mind to. Thank you for climbing every mountain they stuck in front of you. You stepped over each one as the mole hill that it was and continued to prove that just one can change many.

Thank you to all those the companies and vendors that were represented in support of NABVETS and "Shining the Light on Female Veterans." Your support of veterans help to make a more positive lifestyle for veterans through your services offered.
Karl Truman Law Office, 1st Command, JenCare, Humana, Robley Rex V.A. Hospital, Wells Fargo, Youth Builds, and LemonGrass Spa

Thank you to all NABVETS chapters and members that were represented. NABVETS National Chaplin Bishop McClain, Region VI Commander Shedrick J. Jones Sr, North Carolina State Commander Cathy Williams, Kentucky State Command Council Commander Irvin Lyons Jr. and members, Lexington Chapter #23 Commander James Thurman and members, Louisville Chapter #56 Commander Ben Truitt and members, Fort Knox Chapter #70 Commander Terry Robinson and members, NABVETS Women's Auxiliary and all those family members and unseen personal that have contributed their time and efforts. Without wonderful, caring people like you, events like this would not be possible. Everyone needs a "positive lifestyle" to live.

Thank You!

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