Putting women veterans first.

2nd Annual
"Shinig the Light on Women Veterans"

March 8th 2014

Honored Guest
Thank you for your service!

Once again, NABVETS Kentucky honored women veterans in Kentucky with the 2nd Annual "Shining the Light on Women Veterans held at the Colvin Community Center in Radcliff, KY. on March 8th 2014. Chapter #70 of Fort Knox, under the command of Commander Terry Robinson presented a wonderful program with: a delicious meal, wonderful singing, a beautiful poem, impressionist dancing and a truly dynamic keynote speaker. Everyone was excited and waiting to see what was in store for the evening and no one was disappointed.

With March being women's history month, NABVETS has made this month a special month to honor the women that have served in the armed forces, despite having families they have left behind, dealing with those in ranks above them not allowing them to be the soldier that they signed up for and could be. Dealing with being in a so-called man's world. But if you sit back and look at what these women that served have done and are doing, a man's world is in question.

Empowering, uplifting, inspiring, and strong yet caring, loving and gentle would be a few words to describe the keynote speaker, Honorable Judge (Retired Air Force Colonel) Pamela Stevenson. As she took to the podium and began address the audience she opened with a heartfelt Thank you, to two special men in her life. Her father - for being the man that he was, always being there for her and her siblings. Teaching them that they could do and be whomever they wanted to be. For letting them know how they should be treated as people and women. Her husband - for being understanding through all the times she had to leave to deploy. For being supportive in being by her side through the hard times when things were not going as they should with her carrier. For being so loving in always being there for their children, guiding them in the ways that they should go. And then we were all fed our second meal of the night.

With her military career she had a goal and that was to be a JAG. Already a lawyer she had the law down, but in the minds of those in upper ranks she was not going to be in JAG. There was just a part of that she did not understand, the no part. She continued to work and submit her request to be in JAG with each time it coming back to her with an answer of NO. At one point, she was told to not send anymore request to be in JAG as it was not going to happen for her. But that was not her nature, she was not raised to stop or even quit. So politely she sent in another request to enter JAG, adding that if it was not his wish could she please speak with his commander. That opportunity did come about and once she was heard the rest is history. She was exactly the person that they needed to do the job.

Judge Stevenson asked us to not live our lives without trying to help someone else in their life. She gave us the example of the grandmother that started a savings for a grandchild that had just been born. Not knowing what this grandchild would become, what this grandchild would do with this fund, just knowing that she wanted this grandchild to have a life that was better than hers.

Thank you to all NABVETS chapters and members that were represented. NABVETS National Chaplin Bishop McClain, Region VI Commander Shedrick J. Jones Sr, North Carolina State Commander Cathy Williams, Kentucky State Command Council Commander Irvin Lyons Jr. and members, Lexington Chapter #23 Commander James Thurman and members, Louisville Chapter #56 Commander Ben Truitt and members, Fort Knox Chapter #70 Commander Terry Robinson and members, NABVETS Women's Auxiliary and all those family members and unseen personal that have contributed their time and efforts. Without wonderful, caring people like you, events like this would not be possible. Everyone needs a "positive lifestyle" to live.

Thank You!

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