Putting women veterans first.

5th Annual
"Shinig the Light on Women Veterans"

Ms. Barbara Ward
Thank you for your service!

Female veterans stand up and shout . . . .


Honoring women veterans has been a wonderful program since the first one in 2013. With each passing year, we have seen some inspiring, talented, dedicated and motivated women. This year's event was no different. With each event, there is a word of prayer, led by Pastor Edward Palmer, and our National anthem lead, by Jackie Fitzgerald. NABVETS has a Creed that is looked up to and lived by as members and Dist. Commander - John Mustain lead the audience through the creed. There was a wonderful display of honor and respect paid to POW/MIA by a setting of the table by the North Hardin High School ROTC Cadets. Ms. Keyana Ibn-Mohammed gave a wonderful interpretive dance, and the Men of Heath stirred the crowd with a strong musical selection. We were on our way to a wonderful event from this wonderful start.

Female veterans have served in the military since the 1700's. Just as men, women wanted to help protect this country as well. Most times these women worked as nurses, cooks or in the laundry. But there were some that wanted to do more than just to so called norm, they wanted to fight. Fight alongside their fathers, brothers and husbands. Women would dress and act like men, so they could fight to protect this great nation.

Our keynote speaker, Ms. Barbara Ward, National Director - Center for Minority Veterans, gave a word to our women veterans that "we need to stand and let others know that we served as well." Female veterans should never think bad about serving in the military as if they were ashamed of being in a so called "man's world". Many times, when women go places and military service is brought up, most people assume that women are the spouse or dependent of a man that served in the military. Not that there is anything wrong with being a spouse or dependent. Spouses and dependents play an important part in a service person's life. But a lot of women should let it be known that they served, they went through the training, they should be recognized and honored just as all veterans should. Ms. Ward told her story, "I worked in the infirmary with men, that at the time may have been with us for months and months. They became like brothers or uncles to me in my heart. I worked with them and helped them to recovery. I served to." There are thousands of women who have served in the military. Went through the same training the men went through. Worked the same jobs that their counterparts worked. Lived abroad and deployed away from their families just as any other solider had done. "All women veterans should stand up and shout, I Served Too."

Once our speaker gave the cheer that women veterans should shout, "I served too," there was fire and energy flowing through the rest of the program, from the Mistress of Ceremony - Tanya Seabrook, City of Radcliff Councilwoman who help to work up the cheer from the women as they were honored. As each female veteran was called and honored some shouted out the units they served in, the job call they worked in and the occasional Hoooooaaaahhhh! was shouted out. Remember . . . She Served To.

Thank you to all who made this program a success.
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