Patricia Mathison
Gospel Recording Artist

The 3rd annual "Gathering of Eagles" on Military Monday at the Kentucky State Fair again was a wonderful and inspirting event. With any project or event you always want it to grow and get bigger each and every year, and we could see this in the wonderful turn out we had with all of our guest, and vendors that The tone was set high from the start with, as the Mayor Greg Fisher made August 19th Kentucky NABVETS day. With this honor given, how could there be any thing bigger or better to come. But as usual, NABVETS brings out the best of others as Well we were all in for a wonderful and powerful speach from out Keynote speaker Kentucky Department of Veteran Affairs Commissioner and former Miss America Heather French Henry. The daughter of a Vietnam Veteran Heather has been an out spoken advocate for veterans. In her year reign as Miss America Heather chose to highlight the needs of our nation's homeless veterans in her tour entitled, "Honoring our Forgotten Heroes: Our Nation's Homeless Veterans." is a day to honor our military veterans, POW/MIA, and those that are serving. In its initial event NABVETS picked up the ball and began to run at a nice trot. Taking a look back NABVETS members took a look, disected and rehashed what was done in 2012. A plan was made, a prgram was put together, people were put in place and then the event was set to start. Little did we know of what was to come.

Min. Angela Lee Price
1350 WLOU

This year at the second "Gathering of Eagles", NABVETS members seemed a little out of sort, but once the program began to flow things took a turn for awesome, wonderful, and inspiring. Ms. Patricia Mathison stepped up to the microphone and began the Star Spangled Banner. With each note that rang from this singer, an image of each word seemed to be displayed on each wall of the room. The rockets red glare, bombs bursting in air, our flag was still there. It made me smile and cry at the same time to know that I live in the land of the free and have served with so many before and after from the home of the brave. She was simply awesome .

Min. Deneice Senter
International Speaker

As Minister Angela Lee Price from WLOU took the podium and kicked off things with introductions and opening remarks, the audience started to boil and get fired up, but was not aware of what was to come. A brief bio of the keynote speaker was read and Minister Deneice Senter from Rockford Ill. stepped up to the microphone. She slowly began to introduce herself and give a short explination of her bio. At the age of "40 something", and still standing strong to profess what God has done for her in her life, she let us all know that not only are we Army Strong, but God Strong." Through all our struggles with what ever the struggle may be God is there to support us and stand for us. She left us simply inspired .

We were happy to see Major General Tonini, Kentucky National Guard take time out of his busy schedule to stop in and show his support for NABVETS. Thank you to Freddie W. Maggard II - Kentucky National Guard Community Relations Liaison and TinaGay Riddle - LTC, MP, KYNG HREO/State Diversity Initiative Advisor for your support and work to help bridge the gap with the Kentucky National Guard and NABVETS. We also would like to think Sheriff John Aubry and the Metro Louisville Sheriff's department for their support and work in helping NABVETS with efforts to creat a more positive lifestyle for veterans and our community. Working to bridge the gap with other organizations with make for a wonderful community.

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Metro Louisville Sheriff's, KDVA and NABVETS

Kentucky National Guard and NABVETS

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